NPS: Derby Wharf

Exhibit Design: Wondercabinet
Graphic Design: Proun Design
Illustration: Sea Dog Press
Fabrication: Mystic Scenic Studios, Inc.


For over two centuries, Derby Wharf in Salem, Massachusetts was a major center of trade for the city, the nation and the world. A risky business, trade could well reward those who succeeded, and Derby Wharf was a center of bustling activity throughout the American Revolution, the Far East trade, and the Industrial Revolution. These stories are told at a series of outdoor exhibits installed along the quarter-mile long Derby Wharf.

To illustrate changes at the wharf over five distinct eras, a series of custom illustrated trade cargo groupings, trade maps, and view tubes show what the wharf looked like at different times and provide insight into the types of goods that flowed through Salem and sustained a burgeoning country. Other interactives interpret life at sea. Visitors can try their hand (and feet) at furling a sail, take compass bearings, send messages via semaphore flags, and compete in a log line race to see how many knots they can run.