NPS: Bunker Hill Museum

Exhibit Design: Wondercabinet
Graphic Design: Bodenwebber Design
Fabrication: Mystic Scenic Studios, Inc.


This new museum interprets the battle of Bunker Hill, along with stories of the Bunker Hill Monument and the battle’s commemorations. Wondercabinet worked closely with the project architect to integrate the exhibits into the museum’s historic building.

The interpretive program places the battle in a historical context which examines why this particular battle has been commemorated for over 200 years. The interpretation features a reproduction of a 19th century painting-in-the-round of the battle: the first time a version of this painting has been seen in over 100 years. Existing battle dioramas were refurbished and enhanced with a dramatic battle narrative presented through a sound and light show.

In separate galleries, the nature of commemoration and memorial are explored. Visitors are invited to examine the elements of memorials and design one of their own.