Children’s Museum of Wilmington

Exhibit Design: Wondercabinet
Graphic Design: Bodenwebber Design
Fabrication: Murphy Catton Inc.


The Children’s Museum of Wilmington was planning to relocate from a small space to a larger facility, and wanted to use this opportunity to re-imagine themselves. The new museum would have all new exhibits, while keeping the best elements, in spirit, from their existing museum and adding new experiences that would improve the visitor experience.

Wondercabinet began our collaboration with the museum with a Master Plan. Through a series of Wondercabinet-led workshops, we helped the museum reimagine their iconic pirate ship and create several new galleries: Ahoy Wilmington!, the Grocery Store and International Diner, Imagination Circus, Travelers’ Stories, the outdoor Animal Adventures and an infant/toddler gallery.

Wondercabinet collaborated with the architect to integrate the exhibit design with the new site and we also worked with the museum to incorporate the work of local artists throughout the galleries.