Writer, museum exhibit developer and instructional designer

Sari Boren

I’m a writer, museum exhibit developer and instructional designer who has built a career around nonfiction storytelling and environments devoted to learning.


For over 20 years I’ve worked in the museum field, both on staff at a museum and as a founding partner at the exhibit design firm Wondercabinet Interpretive Design.

As a freelance exhibit developer and instructional designer, I create learning environments for museums, workshops, and online courses.

I’m a creative nonfiction writer with essays in numerous publications, and I’m also available as a writing consultant for creative and academic writing.

Beginning February 27, 2018 I’m teaching the online class Intro to the Personal Essay at Grub Street.

Email me. I’d love to hear from you.

Sari is an amazing and very effective writing coach. I came to her for help with an academic book chapter that I had been having significant trouble with. I had been stalled for two solid months, and was beginning to wonder whether I needed to make drastic changes. Over the course of a single day, Sari helped me to see the source of the block and how to move past it. After listening to my description of the chapter and the problems I was having, she devised and walked me through a writing exercise that was both incredibly clarifying and concretely helpful. Not only did it help me get through the particular block I was experiencing, it also revealed to me things about my writing process more generally that had been getting in my way. That just one day of consultation could have such an impact is a testament to Sari’s insight as a writer and skill as a teacher.”
—Peter Spiegler, Assistant Professor, UMass Amherst

I was amazed to find the finished exhibit not only met our chief goal of making a complex topic interesting and much easier to explain to visitors, but also exceeded my (and my agency’s) expectations in almost every way. . . . [Wondercabinet is ] very focused on being an advocate for the audience or visitor. They were also very quick to understand our rather esoteric content and skilled at asking the right questions to focus the project in the right direction.
—Gail Porter, Director of Public Affairs, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Working with Wondercabinet was refreshingly enjoyable. All individuals involved in our project were professional and enthusiastic, and were thorough, thoughtful, imaginative and spirited. They helped make the design process fun, while still meeting deadlines and producing quality work.
—Jillian Finkle, former exhibit developer, National Children’s Museum